Value-added Services for Members in Public Practice

The professionalism and conduct of our members in public practice, grounded in our core values of integrity and accountability, are imperative in ensuring that accountancy…

Accountants Call for Action to Strengthen Economy, Public Practice

MIA and ACCA Malaysia jointly release CFO Roundtable on BEO Report 2019 and the Practitioners’ Roundtable on BEO Report 2019, tapping the wisdom of accountants to support business and economic development

How Audit firms with Zero Clients Apply for Practice Review Exemption?

Pursuant to Paragraph (8) of Appendix VI of MIA By-Law, all members in public practice offering audit engagements are required to adhere to the standards as prescribed by the Institute.

Public Sector Internal Audit Conference 2022: Accountability, Equity, and Integrity (Physical Conference)

Greater transparency and accountability in the public sector are becoming increasingly important in carrying out the public sector agenda. 

ESG Advocacy, Protection of the Public Interest and Talent Development are Top Priorities for the Institute, Says MIA CEO

Joining MIA as the new CEO on 28 March 2022, Dr. Wan Ahmad Rudirman Wan Razak said in a recent interview with eAT that he is honoured to have the privilege of leading the Institute on the next phase of its journey…

Sustainability Reporting in the Public Sector: The Way Forward

As sustainability issues gain momentum, there is increasing interest in sustainability reporting.

MIA Practice Review – Key Findings on Relevant Ethical Requirements (Republished)

Every year, MIA issues Practice Review (PR) Reports to provide an overview of PR’s assessment of the audit firm and share new initiatives and upcoming developments affecting the profession. 

Public Caution: Bogus Accountants

The Oxford Learners dictionary defines the word ‘BOGUS’ as pretending to be real. On the other hand, the definition of an accountant is that a person whose job is to keep or check financial accounts.

Upholding the Public Interest: MIA’s Surveillance and Enforcement Initiatives from July 2020 to June 2021

MIA is committed to upholding the regulation and development of the accountancy profession in Malaysia in the public interest.

MIA Practice Review – Key Findings on Elements of ISQC 1 – Monitoring

Annually, MIA’s Practice Review Department (PRD) issues its Practice Review (PR) report to provide an overview of PRD’s assessment of the audit firms (firms) and share new initiatives and ongoing developments affecting the profession.