Public Sector Financial Management Conference 2022 – Spearheading Reforms in the Public Sector for a More Sustainable Future

Strong public financial management processes and systems are essential for effective and efficient delivery of public services…

ESG Advocacy, Protection of the Public Interest and Talent Development are Top Priorities for the Institute, Says MIA CEO

Joining MIA as the new CEO on 28 March 2022, Dr. Wan Ahmad Rudirman Wan Razak said in a recent interview with eAT that he is honoured to have the privilege of leading the Institute on the next phase of its journey…

Sustainability Reporting in the Public Sector: The Way Forward

As sustainability issues gain momentum, there is increasing interest in sustainability reporting.

Waqf, Fintech Innovation and Sustainability to Drive Future Growth of Islamic Finance Sector

Waqf, fintech solutions, and the global sustainability agenda were identified as key drivers for the future growth of Islamic finance at the recent Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) Islamic Finance Conference 2021…

MIA Collaborates with CAPA on ‘Case Study 2: Malaysia’ to Share Malaysian PAO Experience in Effective Public Sector Engagement

As the national accountancy regulator established under the Accountants Act 1967, MIA is committed to advocating for excellence in public financial management (PFM) and the professionalisation of accountancy talent in the public sector.

Government Authorises Additional Sectors to Operate to Mitigate Impacts of Covid-19

The Cabinet has announced its approval for additional sectors to operate during the third phase of the extended Movement Control Order, in a statement released by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) on 10 April 2020.

Accountants Call for Action to Strengthen Economy, Public Practice

MIA and ACCA Malaysia jointly release CFO Roundtable on BEO Report 2019 and the Practitioners’ Roundtable on BEO Report 2019, tapping the wisdom of accountants to support business and economic development

Tan Liong Tong – Lion of Accounting

The prolific author held sway at an MIA event held in his honour, An Evening Session with Legendary Accounting Guru Tan Liong Tong.

The Contribution of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) toward Accrual Accounting Implementation in Malaysia

Supporting Malaysia’s Accrual Accounting Shift.

Transforming Public Sector Finance

New Accountant General of Malaysia Datuk Saat Esa shares his views on the strategy and direction of the AG’s Department going forward.