Cyber Forensics & Big Data – improving CYBERSECURITY

How can accountants use cyber forensics and big data to enhance cybersecurity?

How to Value a Business

The starting point for business valuation is by analysing an entity’s financial statements, but don’t forget to dig deeper, study qualitative factors and comparative information to piece together a complete picture.

Are You Ready for MFRS 15?

How should companies go about applying MFRS 15 Revenue from contracts with customers?

Impacts of MFRS 9 Financial Instruments

What do companies need to know about MFRS 9 Financial Instruments?

How To Prove Fraud Happened

Proving a fraud case all boils down to the evidence, says the Chairperson of the CSI World Headquarters.

Tan Sri Dato’ Hanafiah Hussain: Nation Builder

No account of the nation’s development would be complete without recounting the accomplishments of Tan Sri Dato’ Hanafiah Hussain, Malaysia’s first Malay chartered accountant.

Accountants Must Fight Corruption

Accountants are in a powerful position because they can decide what should be included or excluded when it comes to financial matters; bad hats can “cook the books” and manipulate financial statements. While this may be legal in some cases, that does not make it right.

5 Simple Ways To Protect Your Organisation From Cybercrime

How can you erect cybersecurity defence on a small budget?

Comparison between MPSAS, MPERS and MFRS: Investment Property

In this article, we analyse the accounting treatment for investment property under Malaysian Public Sector Accounting Standard (MPSAS) 16, Malaysian Financial Reporting Standard (MFRS) 140 and Section 16 of Malaysian Private Entities Reporting Standard (MPERS).

Transforming Public Sector Finance

New Accountant General of Malaysia Datuk Saat Esa shares his views on the strategy and direction of the AG’s Department going forward.