CPE Compliance Audit – Are You Prepared?

The year end is fast approaching. As such, this is the time of the year for professional accountants to tie up the loose ends of their compliance with Continuing Professional Education (CPE)…

Decisions of the Disciplinary Committee of the MIA

Decisions of the Disciplinary Committee of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (‘Institute’) against members pursuant to Rule 18(1) of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (Disciplinary) Rules 2002


Malaysian Institute of Accountants (“MIA”) is a statutory body established under the Accountants Act, 1967 (“Act”) to regulate the practice of the accountancy profession in Malaysia.


Positioning Accountants as Climate Leaders in a Net-Zero World

Climate change today is a global crisis, affecting all strata of business and society.

Accountants Urged to Drive ESG at the MIA International Accountants Conference 2022

Steered by the theme “Leading ESG, Charting Sustainability”, the MIA International Accountants Conference 2022 (MIA Conference 2022) sought to upskill accountants with future-relevant competencies to lead…

Sustainability Reporting in the Public Sector: The Way Forward

As sustainability issues gain momentum, there is increasing interest in sustainability reporting.


New Risk Factors to Consider in a Time of Accelerated Change

For businesses today, risk planning goes far beyond common operational, compliance, or fraud risks.

From Commitments to Implementation – How the Accountancy Profession is Driving Meaningful Climate Action

The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres put the climate crisis in context during his address to world leaders at COP26 in November last year: the 2020s, he said, is “the critical decade.”

ESG Advocacy, Protection of the Public Interest and Talent Development are Top Priorities for the Institute, Says MIA CEO

Joining MIA as the new CEO on 28 March 2022, Dr. Wan Ahmad Rudirman Wan Razak said in a recent interview with eAT that he is honoured to have the privilege of leading the Institute on the next phase of its journey…


Transfer Pricing Characterisation – Why does it matter?

The risk-reward theory in economics states that higher the risk, higher the return. This principle of economics is also used in transfer pricing (TP) to determine the arm’s length compensation of the transacting parties.

Scalability: How Did the International Standards on Quality Management (ISQM) 1 Deal With This Issue?

At the onset, the ISQM project team had identified two important elements that the new standard aimed to enhance, noting limitations of the extant International Standards on Quality Control (ISQC) 1…

MPERS: Common Issues on Consolidation

Since the Malaysian Private Entities Reporting Standard (MPERS) became effective in Malaysia in 2015, we have received various accounting queries on consolidation through our technical queries facility…


Facilitating SDGs with Islamic Finance (Part 2) Value-Based Intermediation: Championing the Social Finance Agenda in Malaysia

By Muazzam Mohamed In its “call to action” published in August 2022,…

MIA Digital Economy and Reporting Insights (July – September 2022)

The MIA Digital Economy and Reporting Insights provides quarterly updates on the areas of digital economy, tax and reporting.

Facilitating SDGs with Islamic Finance (Part 1) Malaysia’s Leadership in Sukuk

In its “call to action”, published in August 2022, IFAC asked professional accountancy organizations (PAOs) and stakeholders to identify how Islamic financial instruments have been used to advance Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Public Sector Financial Management Conference 2022 – Spearheading Reforms in the Public Sector for a More Sustainable Future

Strong public financial management processes and systems are essential for effective and efficient delivery of public services…

ESG & Sustainability Accounting Conference 2022 – Shaping the Future of ESG Reporting (Physical Conference)

As organisations focus on integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives into their strategy, it is equally critical to elevate ESG accounting and reporting practices…

Corporate Financial Reporting Conference 2022 (Physical Conference)

The MIA Corporate Financial Reporting Conference 2022 which will be held on 26 September 2022 at Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar…