Accountants – Enablers of Sustainability

As the call for sustainability adoption gains momentum, the global profession too has stepped to the forefront in calling for action on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues threatening fragile ecosystems and populations. 

Malaysia far from 2030 target of 60,000 accounting professionals

TALK of a shortage of accountants in the country is rife, with practitioners citing mounting regulatory pressures as a major pain point for accounting professionals, in addition to recruitment issues and talent importation exacerbating the dilemma.

Elevating Public Sector Financial Management

The Malaysian accountancy profession enjoys excellent representation at global levels, thanks to strong stakeholder engagement and relationships.

Ethical Leadership in a Digital Era

Ethics is increasingly taking a front-seat as the profession reflects on what good governance looks like for technologically enabled accountants who live and work in the digital economy. 

Ethics Must be a Cornerstone in Future-Proofing the Profession

As governance and sustainability matters take a front seat in the post-COVID phase of economic revival, ethical dilemmas will also abound. 

Understanding the Global Demand for Intangible Data Reporting

Businesses are becoming more sophisticated at capturing and disclosing intangible data. Peter Spence, discusses why organisations should value and report intangible assets.   

Advice for Minimising Risk in a World of Unknowns

Events of the past few years have stress-tested the business continuity management (BCM) and enterprise risk management (ERM) of organisations around the world. 

Harness Four Simple Design Principles to Become an Effective Finance Business Partner 

Finance professionals can really drive value when they work with other functions. AICPA & CIMA’s Associate Technical Director offers some advice…

New Risk Factors to Consider in a Time of Accelerated Change

For businesses today, risk planning goes far beyond common operational, compliance, or fraud risks.

From Commitments to Implementation – How the Accountancy Profession is Driving Meaningful Climate Action

The UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres put the climate crisis in context during his address to world leaders at COP26 in November last year: the 2020s, he said, is “the critical decade.”