Integrated reporting (IR) is gaining recognition as the next step forward in corporate reporting that organisations cannot ignore if they want to engage markets and stakeholders and earn support and trust.

Globally, over a thousand organisations in diverse jurisdictions had adopted IR as of 2017 and their numbers continue to rise. These include some of the leading names on Bursa Malaysia, while numerous other PLCs and even government bodies have pledged to get started soon.

To help organisations jumpstart their IR process, MIA will be holding two practical workshops on Integrated Reporting IR – A Better Vision for Corporate Reporting. These workshops are specially tailored to the Malaysian context to help businesses improve their corporate reporting and communicate better with their stakeholders.

The workshops will be held over a series of months so participants can choose the most suitable dates for their schedule. Participants must attend and complete the first introductory one-day workshop – Introduction to IR before proceeding to attend the second advanced three-day workshop – Practical Guide on Implementing IR.

The workshops will be facilitated personally by MIA CEO Dr. Nurmazilah Dato’ Mahzan and MIA Executive Director and de facto CFO Simon Tay, who have been advocating for IR adoption in the Malaysian market since 2016. Both are technically skilled and highly experienced in the issues and implementation process of IR affecting boards, management and preparers, as MIA has successfully produced its own IR since 2017. Indeed, the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) has hailed the MIA Integrated Report 2018 as a worthy model for other organisations and appointed MIA as the IIRC certified trainer for the ASEAN region.

Workshop 1 – Introduction to IR – What to Expect

This introductory programme is designed based on the competency requirement for individuals who need to understand the benefits that organisations can gain from IR, although they may or may not be directly involved in the preparation of an Integrated Report.

This workshop will:

  • Give an overview of how IR can help in telling your organisation’s own unique and holistic story in an annual report.
  • Explain the value creation process, the ‘Capitals’ used by the business to create value over time, Guiding Principles and Content Elements in the IR Framework that govern the overall content of an
  • Integrated Report, and the fundamental concepts that underpin them.
  • Guide organisations on how to achieve Integrated Thinking, which is the foundation of IR.
  • Understand the role of senior management and those charged with governance in providing leadership for integrated thinking, identify the main barriers to integrated thinking within an organisation and how to demolish them.
  • Get an introduction to systems thinking, the inherent approach in managing the connectivity of information, and insights into how the culture of an organisation can affect or be affected by the introduction of integrated thinking.

Upon completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion endorsed by both the IIRC and MIA. This certificate serves as a prerequisite for participants to enrol themselves in Workshop 2: Practical Guide on Implementing Integrated Reporting IR.

Workshop 2: Practical Guide on Implementing Integrated Reporting IR

This advanced programme exposes participants to practical guidance and real-life examples of companies that have successfully implemented IR, to help kickstart or improve their integrated thinking and IR process.

Participants will learn to:

  • Evaluate Integrated Reports for evidence of integrated thinking, and to distinguish between and identify the relationships with IR and other forms of statutory, regulatory and voluntary reporting e.g. sustainability reporting, financial reporting and other forms of narrative reporting such as the management commentary or management discussion and analysis.
  • Analyse the reporting requirements within a specific jurisdiction and how IR fits within these, apply appropriate tools and techniques to help manage the combination, interrelatedness and dependencies between the factors that affect an organisation’s ability to create value over time.
  • Evaluate the significant factors affecting the external environment in which an organisation is operating, and formulate their organisation’s response.
    Upon completion, participants will receive a Certificate of Completion endorsed by both the IIRC and MIA.

Embrace the IR Vision of Excellence

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your corporate reporting up a notch, or several. Through IR, you can elevate your corporate reporting into an invaluable

For more information on programme dates, details and registration, email to [email protected] or contact Vino at 2722 9290. 

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