Board members, senior management and governance professionals are strongly encouraged to attend the Governance Symposium 2020 that focuses on the risks and opportunities in a volatile and complex governance landscape.

In 2020 and beyond, Boards and those charged with governance (TCWG) must contend with increasingly complex and challenging developments and governance concerns that range from digital to legislative to talent, reputation and culture.

However, incredible new tools and technologies are emerging that can help Boards and TCWG to better manage these risks and even derive value from disruption. Technologies such as big data analytics, robotics process automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain are able to heighten the effectiveness and efficiency of boards, regulators and governance professionals in enhancing oversight, compliance and accountability.

The Governance Symposium 2020 focuses on how Boards and TCWG can leverage on these next generation technologies and strengthen their ethics, values and strategic and cultural intelligences to build future-oriented governance systems that are flexible, agile and resilient.

The following are the highlights of the Governance Symposium 2020, which features invaluable panel discussions and sessions led by expert speakers in corporate governance and  value-based strategy:

Recent Developments and Legislations in Governance in Malaysia

Get the latest updates on regulatory and legislative developments for corporate governance in Malaysia, with a key focus on current governance issues as well as adoption of best practices for an agile, defensive and smarter governance ecosystem.

Governance Playbook for 21st Century Boards

This panel discussion will dive deeper into the emerging challenges facing Boards and offer practical insights into how Boards can leverage on technologies and fulfil stakeholder demands for improved sustainability to deliver long-term value creation. Guidance is particularly pressing for Boards in critical areas affecting corporate and business sustainability, such as talent management, culture change and strategy, digital disruption and cybersecurity, and perhaps most importantly, climate change and the environment.

Combatting Corruption and Building a Culture of Integrity – The Future

This session highlights the Malaysian anti-corruption journey and the direction of the nation as it strives to embed a zero-corruption culture as highlighted in the National Anti-Corruption Plan (NACP) 2019-2023 and in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No 16 –Target 16.5: Substantially Reduce Corruption and Bribery. This session discusses the vital decisions and actions that organisations can take to build values-based governance systems against corruption that are stronger, agile and pre-emptive of emerging risks.

The Impacts of Next Generation Technologies

Faced with a vast array of technologies such as blockchain, big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, blockchain, cloud services and cybersecurity, Boards, TCWG and governance professionals need to acquire the necessary digital literacy and scepticism to structure, apply and monitor governance frameworks and business strategies tailored to the 21st century. This session also informs governance professionals on how they can utilise next generation technologies to manage digital, regulatory and business disruption.

Case Study – from Worst to Best and Best to Worst in Governance

Prestige and prowess can be overturned and reversed at any time, and this applies equally to leaders and laggards in corporate governance. This session derives and shares invaluable lessons and key takeaways from case studies of companies that have gone from being the worst to the best in corporate governance and vice versa.

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