By Nazatul Izma

Backed by a data-driven mindset, MIA engages actively with all its stakeholders to collect and analyse relevant data that will shape its strategies and actions.

One of MIA’s most important member engagement platforms is the Member Satisfaction Survey, which aims to hear from members on how MIA can best support their professional aspirations. Importantly, the survey findings gauge the adequacy of MIA’s value propositions for the members and profession’s development, and help MIA tweak its strategies and services.

Overall, the findings indicated that members are on the whole satisfied with MIA’s value propositions and advocacy. The following are some highlights of the 2020 survey results, compared where relevant with the 2018 survey findings:

High satisfaction and Pride of Association with MIA

  • 79% of the overall respondents are satisfied with the Institute, the same as in 2018.
  • 82% of the respondents are proud to be a member of MIA, slightly above the 81% recorded in 2018.
  • High retention: More than 64% of the respondents said that they would still maintain their MIA membership if it is not mandatory, compared to 63% in 2018.

High satisfaction with the Institute’s efforts to transform the profession

  • More than 74% of the respondents are satisfied that the Institute’s efforts will support the profession’s future relevance, slightly up from 73% in 2018.

High satisfaction with COVID-19 content and communications

  • 87% of respondents are satisfied with the resources and updates provided by the Institute on the recent COVID-19 crisis.

To enhance upskilling through webinars

  • According to the survey, only 44% of respondents have participated in MIA online webinars, even though MIA provided financial support and pricing concessions for CPE programmes, especially for members affected by the COVID-19 economic crisis. MIA will continue to improve member awareness of e-learning and support access to online webinars to deliver enhanced upskilling that complies with COVID-19 SOPs. “We aim to attract more members to attend online webinars that will also support their digital adoption and comfort with digital culture. This is especially important as the government has announced its MyDigital and the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint to drive the nation’s digital transformation and connectivity,” affirmed Dr. Nurmazilah.

High MMS Adoption

  • More than 85% of the respondents have activated their login at the MIA Member Services (MMS) portal. Further, 26% of the respondents find the MMS portal user friendly and 60% of the respondents find it manageable. “MIA is working to improve the user experience and user-friendliness of the MMS portal for the benefit of members,” said Dr. Nurmazilah.

Sustained Brand Recognition

  • 62% of the respondents are satisfied with the Institute’s media publicity and branding efforts to create awareness of its membership and activities, down from 64% in 2018. MIA will continue to strengthen its branding and visibility to improve its value proposition and communicate the value of the membership and the profession.

Increased Awareness of ASEAN CPA Mutual Recognition

  • More than 61% of the respondents know that qualified MIA members may register as ASEAN CPAs, a significant improvement over 39% of 2018 respondents. MIA will work to increase awareness as this will support the mutual recognition of accountancy services and the growth of the ASEAN economic community.

MIA to Create More Value

“MIA is committed to delivering increased value to members and will take the survey findings and members’ suggestions into consideration in crafting its initiatives and advocacy,” stated Dr. Nurmazilah.

One key feedback from members is to increase the perceived value of MIA membership and the profession among the global, regional and local business communities, employers, accountancy talents, and the public.

MIA is continuously working to heighten and articulate its value proposition, emphasised Dr. Nurmazilah. One strategy is to further strengthen enforcement to protect members’ interests and improve the profession’s reputation. This includes cracking down further on bogus accountants and auditors.

MIA is also focusing on creating value by advocating for transformation, in order to ensure the profession’s future relevance. Going forward, members can expect MIA to announce and roll out more initiatives for transformation under MIA’s advocacy for the Future Relevance of the Accountancy Profession (FRAP).

Transformation encompasses digital adoption as well, which is steered by the MIA Digital Technology Blueprint and facilitated by initiatives such as the recent Illustrative MPERS e-Book and the platform for online bank confirmations. “MIA has provided many services through digital channels and platforms such as the MMS portal. As the nation accelerates its own transition to a digital economy, I strongly advise members that have not yet used MMS portal to activate their log-in and start on their journey of digital transformation,” stressed Dr. Nurmazilah.

Dr. Nurmazilah also emphasised the importance of supporting continuing professional development for members, especially those affected by the COVID-19 crisis. “Members must be equipped with the right competencies in order to fulfil their roles as business advisors to companies that are increasingly going digital in a complex and uncertain environment,” she said. Adding that MIA is committed to uplifting members’ wellbeing, Dr. Nurmazilah said that MIA will continue to organise complimentary webinars and provide financial support and pricing concessions for CPE programmes to qualified members, in addition to other COVID-19 related support and guidance.

In concluding, she thanked all MIA members who participated in the MIA Member Satisfaction Survey 2020. “MIA strongly believes that our initiatives and actions must be based on data. Our members’ feedback will inform our initiatives to improve their efficiency and effectiveness, for the wellbeing of members and the sustainability and relevance of the profession in Malaysia.”

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