MIA has designated the month of March 2022 as the MIA Digital Month, signalling that digital transformation is imperative for the profession.

Throughout March 2022, members can look forward to the different digital-themed activities that are meant to inform and update members on the various MIA digital initiatives and the business case for digital adoption in organisations, finance functions and public practice.

Highlights of this virtual convention on the digitalisation of the profession include:

  • Updates on MIA’s digital initiatives
  • Sharing of success stories of digital technology adoption by companies and organisations
  • Sharing of relevant technology trends that impact the profession
  • Updates on funding options available for digital transformation specific to the profession
  • The grand finale, whereby MIA’s Digital Month will culminate in MIA’s annual AccTech Conference which is hyperfocused on the strategies, tools and technologies that support the profession’s unique digital adoption needs.

During the Digital Month, there will be sharing sessions by a line-up of experts who will be speaking on the following topics:

  • Leading the Digital Transformation of the Accountancy Profession in Malaysia
  • SME Digitalisation Grant and Smart Automation Grant
  • Entering The 5G Era
  • Future Relevance of CFOs
  • Developing a Technology Adoption Strategy is Crucial for Small and Medium Practices (SMPs)
  • Case Study: Technology Adoption by SMPs

MIA hopes that members will be able to invest 1 to 1.5 hours weekly in March to spur your digital development and increase your future relevance in an environment that is becoming hyperdigital.

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