No accountant today can afford to lag behind on technology as workplaces and businesses become increasingly digitalised. Therefore, MIA continuously advocates for digital transformation to ensure that our close to 40,000 members are future fit and relevant to employers.

In May 2024, we will be bringing you the MIA Accounting & Financial Technology Showcase 2024 (MIA AFT 2024), a one-stop showcase for transformative tech solutions specially geared to professionals in accounting and finance.

Participants can look forward to a value-packed event from 9.00-5.00 on Wednesday, 15 May 2024. The content will be spread out over three theatres: Theatre 1 – Digital Transformation, Theatre 2 – Technology in Practice and Theatre 3 – Strategic Leadership.

The MIA AFT 2024 will feature top speakers specialising in technology for business, while incorporating real case studies to demonstrate how accounting, finance and treasury functions along with organisations can embrace tech-driven solutions to improve performance and get results. As AI takes over the world, there will also be a strong focus on the implications of generative AI (which understands patterns and structures in vast databanks and uses that to create or generate new data e.g. words, images, videos, music, computer applications, and virtual realities) and its prospective impacts on finance and accounting. 

Like other MIA events, the MIA AFT 2024 seeks to equip participants with the tools and guidance to navigate current developments as well as regulatory challenges. With e-Invoicing set to transform the business and taxation landscape, the MIA AFT 2024 will feature a range of e-Invoicing topics, including the use of AI, Cloud, omnichannel, data and business process automation solutions for efficient e-Invoicing, a look at prospects following the e-invoicing mandate. 

MIA AFT 2024 will also cover other groundbreaking ideas, such as unleashing the potentials of generative AI in finance functions, and harnessing the power of data analytics and automation for more effective finance and accounting processes.

To ensure that all members are able to join the MIA AFT 2024, we have priced the showcase at an affordable price of RM50. Members who attend will be awarded with 5 CPE hours which will support your CPE compliance requirements while enhancing your professional development needs.

To sign up for AFT 2024 or to learn more, please click here.

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