Facilitating SDGs with Islamic Finance (Part 2) Value-Based Intermediation: Championing the Social Finance Agenda in Malaysia

By Muazzam Mohamed In its “call to action” published in August 2022,…

Islamic Social Finance: A Viable Way to Assist ASEAN MSMEs?

Recognising the potential of Islamic social finance, the ASEAN Federation of Accountants (AFA) hosted a virtual event to facilitate a discussion amongst regional experts on how the system can provide an alternative solution to support ASEAN MSMEs in their efforts to recover from the impact of the pandemic.

Waqf, Fintech Innovation and Sustainability to Drive Future Growth of Islamic Finance Sector

Waqf, fintech solutions, and the global sustainability agenda were identified as key drivers for the future growth of Islamic finance at the recent Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) Islamic Finance Conference 2021…

Islamic Finance: Latest Developments and Drivers for Growth in a Post-Pandemic World

Guided by Islamic values that are aligned with ESG (environmental, social and governance) concerns and the people-first ethos of Islamic finance…

Shariah Audit Conference 2020 – Mainstreaming Shariah Audit in Islamic Finance

The foundation of Islamic finance rests on its compliance with Shariah requirements to promote good governance and Islamic values.

Budget 2020 Measures Highly Relevant to Malaysia’s Future Growth Trajectory, says MIA

As the Voice of the Accountancy Profession, MIA Lauds Budget 2020 Measures on Digitalisation, FDI, Capacity Building, Islamic Finance and Professional Development.

Digital Disruption: Revolutionising Islamic Finance

While Islamic financial institutions (FIs) are adopting technology, most still lag behind conventional or more traditional banking institutions in leveraging on innovations that can strengthen the sector and further enhance consumer experience.

MIA Mini Pupillage: Developing the Next Generation of Islamic Finance Talent

Through its Mini Pupillage Programme, MIA aims to nurture a talent pool of accountants  well-versed in Islamic finance, to take this  high-octane industry to the next level.