Guidelines on Requesting Extension for Practice Review Deadlines (Republished)

In the process of practice review, the Practice Review Department (PRD) has encountered many instances where the audit firm (AF)…

MIA Practice Review – Key Findings on Elements of ISQC 1 – Monitoring

Annually, MIA’s Practice Review Department (PRD) issues its Practice Review (PR) report to provide an overview of PRD’s assessment of the audit firms (firms) and share new initiatives and ongoing developments affecting the profession.

Practice Review’s Key Findings on Acceptance and Continuance of Client Relationships and Specific Engagements

The following are some of the key findings from practice review related to the audit firm’s implementation of one of the elements of quality control (ISQC 1), which is “client acceptance and continuance relationships”.

Practice Review: Key Findings on “Leadership Responsibilities for Quality within the Audit Firm”

“Leadership Responsibilities for Quality within the Audit Firm” represents the first element for system of quality control as prescribed in the International Standard on Quality Control 1 (ISQC 1).

MIA Practice Review – Key Findings on Relevant Ethical Requirements

Guidance to help members understand and meet key ethical requirements to achieve quality audit.

Guidelines on Submission of Working Papers to the Practice Review Department

Advancements in technology and its common availability has led to profound changes in the way audit is being performed, with the majority of audit firms either taking the initiative or being pushed to evolve to embrace new ways of auditing such as data analytics, which has enabled the processing of huge amount of data in an efficient way.