MMIS will vastly improve members’ user experience, making their engagement with the Institute more personalised, seamless and efficient.

by the Accountants Today Editorial Team

MIA members are set for a new user experience when the MIA Membership Information System (MMIS) goes live in the third quarter of 2018.

A key initiative in the Institute’s technology adoption journey, MMIS aims “to give members a positive user experience when engaging with the Institute. By better analysing data, MMIS can also help us understand members better and serve them more effectively,” emphasised MIA CEO Dr. Nurmazilah Dato’ Mahzan.

Members and stakeholders should find the easier navigation and interactivity on the portal, ease of access, and personalisation a more pleasant experience.  The MMIS is a web-based system hosted on cloud, and members can access the MMIS portal online and remotely from any devices.

The MMIS will provide a seamless end-to-end user experience that is personalised to each member using data analytics. For instance, members will be able to personalise their profiles, update their data, and get real time updates on Institute news and programmes. Other functions that can be done through the MMIS portal include new membership applications, tracking the approval status of the application, payment for membership and other miscellaneous fees.

A key advantage of the MMIS is that it will facilitate and support members’ professional development. By analysing members’ CPE activity, the MMIS can recommend the courses attuned to members’ specific interests, and indicate the CPE areas where members are short of credit hours. Members will also be able to use MMIS to register for courses and events and to make their payments. In short, any transaction that typically take place between the Institute and members can now be carried out via the MMIS portal.

Another feature that members may find useful is a notification tab in the members profile, where all communication from the Institute is stored and easily retrieved as and when needed.

External stakeholders such as employers will also benefit from the MMIS. For example, an employer would be able to register employees for CPE courses, track their training requisition and track payments made to the Institute.

Users can rest assured that the MMIS is secure and their data is safe. “This system is implemented with proper corporate governance and a proper implementation plan. Everything is in place to ensure security and integrity and also proper assurance,” said Dr. Nurmazilah. MIA’s Technology Committee also plays an oversight role on the whole project.

In future, there are plans in the pipeline to enhance the integration of MMIS with other social media and apps and QR codes for event registration. “It’s about using technology to enhance the member experience and make it more personalised, seamless and efficient,” concluded Dr. Nurmazilah.

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