Rolling out big data analytics in the public sector can enable better policy and service design to make the most of squeezed budgets, especially in vital areas like healthcare and social services.

In support of nation-building, MIA’s Data Intelligence & Analytics Conference 2019 for the Public Sector will share how big data analytics can be used to evaluate and execute policies that are laser-focused to prevent wastage, fraud and error.

Of course, adopting big data analytics in the public sector comes with its fair share of challenges. One is to explain the business case properly in order to get buy-in for big data implementation. Key to acceptance is to overcome barriers such as poor data access and sharing, resistance to change, complexity and skills mismatch.

Another challenge for the public sector is to improve its protection of customer data. This Conference will also examine best practices for data sharing and governance to build an effective data governance framework, and share tips for enhancing data protection.

Other countries too are exploring big data analytics to improve public sector delivery. The Conference will assess big data adoption experiences of other countries and see how the Malaysian public sector can replicate successes and avoid pitfalls.

Finally, the Conference will conclude with a live demonstration of artificial intelligence (AI) in action in selected public sector scenarios, courtesy of MIMOS.

Accountants as Champions of Data

To further drive big data adoption, there is a need to train champions of data to manage and interpret the data, and communicate the insights and benefits of data to public sector organisations and decision-makers. MIA’s vision is to upskill public sector accountants and finance professionals to become data analysts and interpreters. By combining their financial intelligence with precise insights drawn from big data analytics, public sector accountants can help policymakers and decision-makers deliver the most efficient and effective public policies.

So, do join this forward-looking Conference to find out how you as a public sector accountant can become a champion of data for the public sector, adding more value and future-proofing yourselves.

The MIA Data Intelligence & Analytics Conference 2019 for the Public Sector will be held on 30 April 2019 at the Connexion Conference & Event Centre @ Nexus Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur.

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