COVID-19 is an unprecedented crisis laden with uncertainty and volatility – as such, it’s understandable if businesses are fumbling for clarity and direction.

Yet, crisis can also be an opportunity for reflection and reinvention – towards a better and more sustainable tomorrow.

In a nutshell, that’s what the CFO Conference 2020 hopes to impart to CFOs as stewards of their organisations – the wisdom and insights needed to pivot to resilience and courageous leadership in the midst of pessimism and trepidation.

The CFO Conference 2020 emphasises the need for CFOs to rewire their thinking and behaviour to become future-ready and agile leaders who can shift gears from fear to hope – bringing their organisations and business models onto new paths of sustainable development.

At this 2-day virtual Conference featuring the cream of international and local speakers and panellists – CFOs will pick up innovative strategies for defensive risk management, effective leadership and big picture connective thinking that will lead to business resilience and sustainable value creation.

The highlights:

  • Innovative Liquidity Solutions – The session on Enhancing Liquidity through Funding Innovation explores the latest strategies and funding alternatives available in the Malaysian market, including flexible funding, equity crowdfunding and P2P lending. Bonus 1: understand how to integrate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) in business plans to attract climate-safe investments and funding. Bonus 2: Explore technology funding via vendor subsidy programmes, co-investment and industry consortia.
  • Financial Reporting Impacts – This session looks into some of the most pressing technical conundrums: Is COVID-19 an adjusting or non-adjusting event? What’s the impact on the impairment of assets? How do we handle the write down of inventory to net realisable value, derecognition of deferred tax assets, fair value adjustments, going concern and related disclosures both within and external to the financial statements and more?
  • Post-MCO Debt & Business Restructuring: Key Legal & Tax Considerations – effective tax and legal strategies for the new normal.
  • CFO Leadership Future-Proof Playbook – A manual for courageous and wise leadership when faced with crisis and disruption.
  • Integrated Thinking and Reporting – Create and protect value against erosion using integrated thinking and reporting techniques and models that enhance decision-making and business continuity.
  • Digital Transformation – Harness the opportunities in digital disruption and explore the emerging digital technologies that are critical for CFOs and finance functions.
  • Ethics and Trust – Navigate the latest ethical minefields to ensure compliance and lessen liability and reputational risks.
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