Internal auditors face a lot of pressure to implement robust controls and manage risks as they are a central pillar of governance in organisations.

This pressure is exacerbated for public sector internal auditors during the COVID-19 crisis as the public sector ramps up services to ensure the wellbeing of the people and the economy.

As this special Conference is geared specifically to public sector internal audit, participants can expect to learn more about emerging trends in digital transformation and governance and how to recalibrate their culture of auditing and governance to brace for challenges ahead.

Held virtually over two days, this Conference jointly organised by MIA and the Institute of Internal Auditors Malaysia (IIAM) features a slew of local and international experts who will speak on the following:

Meeting Rising Expectations in Internal Audit – Keynote Address by DR.ONG HOCK CHYE, Auditor General, Asian Development Bank.

Responsibilities for IT Governance in the Digital Era – guidance on how to manage an organisation’s IT risk exposure and optimise its existing governance and control set to improve audit outcomes and enhance organisational resilience.

IA Pioneered: Enterprise- Wide Analytics for a Secure and Sustainable Business Growth – innovates the internal audit function by leveraging on cross-collaborations to optimise an organisation’s foray into data analytics. Explores how matured IA functions can drive analytics adoption for organisational transformation.

Effective Risk Management in a Digital Environment – Guides participants through the uncertain and disruptive landscape of digital risks and opportunities and debates best practices and solutions for enhancing risk management and governance.

IA in Times of Crisis: IA as Control Monitor and Real-Time Control Adviser – In times of crisis, controls can often slip. Efforts to prioritise business continuity could divert management’s attention from making sure that controls are operating effectively. In such situations, IA is best-placed to step in and provide monitoring to pick up the slack.

Continuous Auditing Against Corruption: Creating “Fair” Value in Digital Age – Panellists debate the extraordinary challenges public sector auditors face when rooting out bribery and corruption. This session delves into the public sector’s role, responsibility, and challenges in the perpetual battle against bribery, money laundering and corruption.

Internal Audit’s Role in Auditing Culture – Explore the process by which internal auditors can step up and positively impact the auditing culture in the public sector, despite challenges and others’ reluctance to change.

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