The COVID-19 pandemic did not just change the world and how we work and live, but it forced women to become even more agile, adept and resilient in balancing work and family.

With the shift to remote work from home, women found that they were not only spouse, parent and daughter, but employees supporting business operations, home-school teachers and online learning tutors while workplaces and schools were temporarily shut. Even as the economy recovers, many employers indicate that they will be retaining many aspects of work from home, and this will have an outsized impact on women as the pillars of family and the home.

The MIA Women’s Leadership Conference 2021 examines the unique issues and concerns facing women leaders today, and asks what technologies, skills and support systems can be deployed to help women adapt to the new norms  – and excel as leaders – post-COVID-19. Featuring a stellar line-up of exceptional women who will share their insights and stories, this one-day Conference will cover:

  • Digital Transformation – how can women leverage on digital technologies and tools to become more effective professionals and leaders? What are the opportunities and challenges facing women in the digital space? And importantly, how can women support the digital transformation agenda to facilitate the development of their families, their organisations and the society and economy as a whole?
  • ESG Diversity Strategies – Gender diversity is a key element of ESG (environmental, social and governance) and companies should be actively and authentically working to enhance women’s participation and contribution under their ESG agenda. This session discusses how companies should frame gender diversity and ESG principles and strategies at Board level, along with the inclusion of more women at Board and senior management level for better representation of women’s interests and stronger tone at the top.
  • The Rise of Women in Finance – Increasingly complex finance functions and roles requires competent and able leadership. This session features prominent and rising women leaders in finance who will share on their roles and responsibilities, and the opportunities and challenges available for women to shine and grow in this dynamic segment.
  • Success Roadmaps – This special interview features a mystery guest who will talk about their journey to success and share tips for becoming high-achieving women leaders.
  • Creating An Inclusive Workspace for Sustainable BusinessRetaining talent at the workplace, especially women, has become even more daunting due to the effects of the global pandemic. However, companies can remedy this by offering a more inclusive workplace environment for their women talents. This topic highlights key elements in creating an inclusive workspace, covering areas of recruitment, retaining and promoting women leaders for sustainable business and continuous economic recovery
  • Striving for Leadership, Writing Your Own Future – End the Conference on a high note as you listen to high performers from sports, science and technology, who will help motivate you to find your own path that is rewarding, balanced and authentic.
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