By MIA’s Competency Framework and Development Team

Accountancy educators are vital to the future relevance of the accountancy profession as they play an essential role in preparing accountancy talents for the dynamic demands of the workplace.

Hence, MIA as the developer of the accountancy profession strives to engage continuously with accountancy educators to help strengthen their capacity and competencies and enable them to innovate.

“MIA recognises the importance of accountancy educators who are a core segment of the profession. Throughout the years, we have supported academicians in terms of upskilling them on the latest developments, assisting them with digital adoption, and facilitating accountancy research through our collaboration with MAREF,” stated MIA CEO Dr. Nurmazilah Dato’ Mahzan.

One of the key initiatives specially geared to academicians is MIA’s highly regarded Train the Trainer workshops, which are organised in collaboration with Professional Accountancy Organisations, namely ACCA, MICPA, CA ANZ, ICAEW, CIMA, CPA Australia and AAT UK. This capacity building initiative for lecturers as initiated by MIA is intended to:

Since 2016, MIA has organised a total of 24 Train the Trainer workshops which have benefited 1,128 academicians who are teaching accountancy programmes.

To ensure diversity and inclusivity, the Train the Trainer initiative has expanded beyond the Klang Valley to reach academicians in the Northern region, East Coast and also East Malaysia.

Positive Feedback and Accolades

MIA has received significant positive feedback on the value of this programme from participants. Overall, the academicians who have participated say that the Train the Trainer programme:

“Overall, I think the Train the Trainer (TTT) workshop organised by MIA has been the best Train the Trainer for accounting that an academician could ask for.  I had a great time joining the TTT series. It helps me obtain very new and up to date information on accounting standards. I definitely recommend this to young academicians,” shared Cik Nurul Nadiah Ahmad, Universiti Tenaga Nasional.

TTT Session Topics

 Since the inception of the Train the Trainer workshops, MIA has ensured that the programme content is benchmarked against global standards and encompasses the latest developments to deliver effective learning. The topics are determined based on the latest changes and updates of the standards, rules and regulations related to the accounting education and the accountancy profession.

Key topics covered by the Train the Trainer programme since 2016 include:

Leveraging on Virtual

Like other MIA initiatives, the Train the Trainer workshop had to be converted to an online platform from a physical platform due to COVID-19 considerations. Since 2020, MIA has successfully conducted 4 Train the Trainer workshops using the Microsoft Teams and ON24 online platforms.

Participants have welcomed these virtual workshops as they are able to keep up with the latest developments and upskill themselves despite constraints and compliance with COVID-19 protocols.

These virtual workshops have also enabled participants to reach out and interact globally as there are no longer any physical or geographical boundaries.

Based on the feedback received, participants welcome the opportunity to exchange ideas, learn and engage with lecturers from different institutions and in different jurisdictions.

Said Dr. Adura Ahmad from Universiti Utara Malaysia: “Thank you so much for conducting this kind of workshop for academicians. It is totally different from the training that I have attended previously. The sharing from international experiences and practice in auditing with regards to the use of technology in audit is really value-added for my teaching.”

Moving ahead, MIA will continue to infuse a spirit of innovation, agility and resilience across all its online offerings, including the Train the Trainer workshops. At the same time, MIA will continue to maintain the high quality and standard associated with all of MIA’s numerous competency development offerings.

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