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It’s that time of year again when you’re probably spending time cleaning out your house, getting rid of the clutter, and making room for what’s to come. But spring cleaning doesn’t just apply to homes anymore. Business owners can also take advantage of this wonderful time of year to get organised and improve by spring cleaning their business, including looking at changes to their business systems. So, is the beginning of New Year the best time to change your software? Perhaps.

As time goes by, you may realise the old accounting system limits your functionality as your business and customer mix becomes more complex. But the real question is – how do you know when is the best time to switch? Whatever the reason, the start of the new year may be as good a time as any to do away with an old accounting system that’s slowing your business processes down.

Let’s take a quick look at the 4 key factors you should keep in mind during your search for an accounting software solution to help you make your decision easier.

  1. Determining the right software for your businesses
    One of the fundamental methods of choosing the right software for your business is determining how your business operates. Choose an accounting software comprising all the tools and functionality you need to improve your company workforce and growth. Considering both your business needs and accounting skills, if your company makes $100,000 a year, it will have different accounting needs and requirements than the one that makes millions in a year.When it comes to accounting software solutions, there will be various kinds of options to choose from, including those designed specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises. This is important because the application you choose can significantly impact how your revenue is managed. Another vital factor to consider: even though accounting software can make your bookkeeping task easier, some expertise is still required to learn the software. Luckily, there is an accounting software available that provides training courses & online tutorials to help you manage.
  2. Beginning of the year
    Switching to a new accounting system at the beginning of the year has several advantages. This is because it gives your company a clean break before reporting for the new year. This can be beneficial as the company does not need to carry a part of the year’s finances as a lump sum. Companies will have a complete 1-year detailed history at the end of the year.By contrast, starting mid-year brings the complication of having x number of months information in one accounting package and then the remaining months in another. So, having two software packages running alongside each other, even temporarily, will create more work and also increase the chance of errors.
  3. Bang for your buck
    Who doesn’t love a good deal? We know we do! Various accounting software provides all sort of available budgets that fits your accounting needs. General software for a broader user experience with minimal functionality may be downloaded for free or bought off the shelf at low prices. However, if you are seeking specialised software that fits specifically for your industry, be prepared to pay a premium. Hence, selecting accounting software with sufficient functionality and scalability is more sensible to accommodate your business growth.
  4. Consider cloud application
    With cloud computing becoming more efficient in modern-day business, it is no surprise that everybody is jumping on the bandwagon due to its countless benefits. The way we work is changing; with an Internet connection from any location, you don’t need to purchase any installation or server to run them. Not only that, updates and installation will be done on the server end, so you don’t have to worry about any software update costs. Cloud applications can also be accessed from different devices such as PCs, tablets, laptops, or mobile phones. Furthermore, your company reporting data is secured and protected in its cloud ecosystem, which is not located in your physical company location. This is to prevent them from any danger in the event of a natural disaster like flash floods or other harmful events.

At the end of the day, whichever accounting software you choose, remember that you aren’t committed to it for life. Since there is various software with countless perks to choose from, your decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. You definitely do not want to commit to one software application only to realise that you have to switch to another just a few months later.

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