Education: The Key to Sustainable Development

Educational institutions today must upskill in financial management to ensure their long-term business sustainability and survival. Like other sectors, their financial and cash flow challenges have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis.

As strategic and finance leaders, the onus is on finance professionals in higher education to find innovative ways to balance budgets and funding in an environment that is being disrupted by rapid technological change and post-pandemic norms such as online and hybrid learning.

This Conference will share the new developments that are transforming the higher education sector while inspiring finance professionals in higher education to upskill across all relevant aspects of Business Financial Management. This includes acquiring new skillsets in sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) as higher education institutions are expected to play a key role in advocating for sustainable growth especially in combating the climate crisis and other societal and communal challenges.

To deliver the new proficiencies required for a new age of ESG and sustainability, including business sustainability, MIA is organising the Higher Education Strategic Financial Management Conference 2022 with the theme of Education: The Key to Sustainable Development.

Specially geared to the needs of finance professionals, the Conference will focus on the following topics:

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