Count Me In, a podcast series created and produced by IMA® (Institute of Management Accountants), provides insights on the latest accounting and finance trends. Launched in 2019, the series offers perspectives on key business topics from industry experts, covering subject areas such as emerging technologies, business innovation, leadership development, the future of the profession, and more. The central aim of the series is to deliver actionable information to accounting, finance, and business professionals.

Each podcast is typically 15-30 minutes long, with hosts interviewing respected leaders and innovators across a wide range of subject matter. Podcast guests have included CEOs, CFOs, business owners, professional coaches and consultants, academics, researchers, and regulatory officials from around the world. To date, there are more than 200 episodes of Count Me In, with new episodes added on a weekly basis.

Recent speakers and topics have included:

  • Jennifer Wolfenbarger, vice-president of finance at Owens Corning, speaking on “A Complete Look at Business Transformation.” In her talk, Wolfenbarger, a success driven, high impact executive, shares her passion for driving continuous improvement. She discusses her view of transformation, the finance function’s role, various benchmarks to consider, and the value of change management.
  • Alissa Vickery, chief accounting officer and senior vice-president of accounting and controls for FLEETCOR, covering “Purpose Driven Leaders.” Vickery discusses her leadership experience in the areas of external reporting, technical accounting, and internal audit, and her role in helping FLEETCOR join the Fortune 1000 list and the S&P 500 Index. In this episode, she defines purpose driven leadership, the benefits and outcomes of developing purpose driven leaders, and why purpose is so valuable to the accounting and finance team.
  • Keith Terreri, chief financial officer and SVP of corporate operations & IT at NECAM, discussing “The Intersection of a CFO & CIO.” Terreri talks about what the convergence of the CFO and CIO roles looks like on a daily basis and how the functions blend together. He explains how regardless of the size of the business, finance and technology can serve as the foundation for control, risk mitigation, and cybersecurity for any organisation.

Some podcasts focus on research topics featured in Strategic Finance magazine, IMA’s monthly publication. For example, Dr. Sean Stein Smith, CMA, CPA, CGMA, CFE, assistant professor at Lehman College, joined the podcast to discuss blockchain technology and cryptoassets, which he has written about extensively. In this episode, aired in December 2021, he discussed the ups and downs of NFTs, the goal of decentralised finance, and the implications for emerging technologies. Other “hot topics” covered, supported by IMA and industry research, include sustainability, leading remote teams, and data analytics.

All 200+ episodes are available on demand 24/7, free to anyone who wants to listen and across a variety of platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or Amazon Music. Subscribe today to receive updates about the latest podcasts as they are released.

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