The pandemic that hit the world in 2019, as well as the worsening of the climate crisis, aptly demonstrated that risks to businesses due to circumstances beyond our control are often unavoidable. A company’s resilience in the face of such events is primarily determined by the sustainability built into its business processes, community relationships, and tangible and intangible assets.

As co-pilots and strategic partners for business, the finance function must play a central role in shaping their organisations to build a more sustainable future. As such, chief financial officers (CFOs) must take the lead in addressing the sustainability challenge, the benefits of transitioning to a sustainable business model, and how the finance function can support this critical change. 

By increasing resilience to sustainability risks, capitalising on opportunities, and communicating transparently with stakeholders on progress against key performance indicators, CFOs can become future-proof and reinvent themselves as the custodians of long-term value for their organisations.

To help CFOs transform the finance function and their organisations for increased agility, resilience, and sustainability, the Malaysian Institute of Accountants will hold the CFO Conference 2022 on 15 December 2022 at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, with the theme “CFOs as Drivers for Business Resilience and Sustainability”. 

Participants will benefit from expert panel discussions on topics such as unpacking the sustainability reporting landscape and developments to comply with the new requirements by Bursa and building international tax compliance via good practices and good morale.

Following are the key session highlights scheduled for the Conference:

The pandemic accelerated the finance function’s efforts at digitalisation to ensure business continuity and resilience. This panel examines the outlook for 2023 and how CFOs are setting their priorities to manage anticipated challenges and opportunities. 

This session explains why CFOs should be the driving force behind ESG, reveals the best ESG framework, and explains how CFOs can stay ahead of the ESG agenda.

Covers the development of sustainability reporting landscape requirements by Bursa as well as new disclosures to be included in corporate reports. 

Join in to understand the co-operative compliance framework and its best practices as it is now being introduced in Malaysia plus the Stock Exchange is also encouraging large businesses to champion tax governance in Malaysia. 

Join a panel of exemplary CFOs and gain insights from their experiences in leading the finance function.

For more information on the Conference, please click here.

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