Technology Adoption by the Accountancy Profession Survey 2022

The first Technology Adoption by the Accountancy Profession Survey (Survey) was conducted in 2017 which has served as input to the MIA Digital Technology Blueprint (Blueprint)…

Quality Improvement Through QAP Amidst the Pandemic: Sharing of Insights from CWC & ENG PLT

Despite facing challenges to sustain operations during the pandemic, the quest for continuous quality improvement was not forgotten by CWC & ENG PLT.

Addressing the Perceived Quality Control Issues of the Financial Reporting Function of Reporting Entities

Concerned by the perceived high level of stress among audit professionals in Malaysia, MIA took the initiative to conduct two surveys to provide insights into the quality control environment…

Quality Assessment Programme: Common Findings of the Firm-level and Engagement-level Review

The Quality Assessment Programme (QAP) is a structured voluntary review of audit firms, a collaborative effort by MIA and The Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA) with the aim of improving audit quality.

Embracing Feedback from Banks

Numerous confirmation letters are sent to banks at least on an annual basis by auditors to request for information on their clients’ bank balances and arrangements.

2022 Will Be The ‘Year of The Management Accountant’

Though many hoped 2021 would be a year of full recovery from COVID-19, the reality has been more complex.

MIA Digital Economy and Reporting Insights (Jan – Mar 2022)

The MIA Digital Economy and Reporting Insights provide quarterly updates in the areas of digital economy, tax and reporting. The Insight highlights contents and initiatives that are of high value to members.

MIA International Accountants Conference 2022: Leading ESG, Charting Sustainability

The business conversation today is increasingly dominated by climate and environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters, and rightly so as sustainability risks have been identified as the top risks to business.

Interview to Become an Approved Company Auditor –The Myths and Facts

Interested in applying to become an approved auditor under the Companies Act 2016 but concerned about not being able to pass the audit license interview? Then this article is for you.

National Annual Corporate Report Awards (NACRA) 2022 Calls for Entries

The National Annual Corporate Report Awards (NACRA) 2022 has called for entries at the NACRA 2022 Virtual Launch.