Global Ethics Code Revamped, Bringing Malaysian Code Up to Mark

What do professional accountants in Malaysia need to know about the changes to the Ethics Code? In April 2018, the International Ethics Standards Board for Accountants (IESBA) released a completely rewritten Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants that is easier to navigate, use and enforce.

Rachel Grimes: Know Your ABCD

‘ABCD is going to form the foundation of everything we do as accountants,’ says the International Federation of Accountants President.

Big Bang for Islamic Investment Banks?

Sustainable Economy Limited’s Managing Director and former CEO of the UK’s leading Islamic financial institution Gatehouse Bank plc, Richard Thomas, tells why he thinks an Islamic investment bank has potential.

How can Islamic Finance Evolve?

It is time for Islamic financial institutions to develop products that are superior to the conventional and target a growing millennial and Muslim middle-class that has pent-up demand for halal products and services, urged Dato’ Mohammad Faiz Azmi.

MIA Digital Technology Blueprint – Guiding Your Tech Transformation

Preparing the Malaysian Accountancy Profession for the Digital Economy. To help accountants manage sweeping changes arising from the digital economy and Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0), MIA launched its MIA Digital Technology Blueprint at its inaugural AccTech Conference 2018.

Automate Your Accounts Receivable for Better Cash Flow

How can we leverage on technology to improve collections of Accounts Receivables? An efficient Accounts Receivable (AR) system can ensure increased cash flow for working capital purposes which is crucial for business sustainability.

Taxing Bitcoin: A Cryptic Challenge

In the murky bitcoin market, regulators are still figuring out the accounting and tax implications. Bitcoin is an internet-based cryptocurrency or virtual money that allows anyone to transact with anyone else, anywhere at any time, instantaneously at marginal cost, with confidence and privacy, without friction nor censorship.

Big Data Analytics: Use It or Lose It

Accountants warned to embrace BDA fast, or risk becoming obsolete.

How Should We Tax E-Commerce?

Can global and local tax regulations catch up with the digital economy to ensure it pays its fair share of tax, without stifling growth?

Save Time, Minimise Human Error with Secure Electronic Bank Confirmations

Secure e-bank confirmations make life easier for auditors, preparers and banks, and bring Malaysia up-to-speed with current developments in e-auditing.