The focus is still very much on technology and transformation as the key drivers for future-proofing accountancy educators and accountancy education in the digital economy.

As such, MIA’s annual flagship platform for accountancy educators – the NATIONAL ACCOUNTING EDUCATORS CONVENTION 2019 is themed around Accounting Education Transformation in Riding the Waves of Digital Revolution.

Held over one & a half days, the Convention has curated content that is highly relevant to the needs of accountancy educators in the Malaysian context. These include:

  • Embedding and leveraging technology in accounting curriculum
  • Solutions for challenging accounting issues in practice
  • Tried and tested methods for combining academic discipline with industry practice to produce future-proof talent
  • Exposure to the latest developments in accounting standards and related updates
  • Convention Highlights

During the two days, you can expect to benefit the following:

  • Insights into the future direction of higher education, specifically accountancy education from the Ministry of Education’s representatives. All stakeholders must be cognisant of higher education policy in order to map and deliver the financial and accounting learning skill sets and strategies required to future-proof academicians, students and employers in a competitive digital environment.
  • Sharing of best practices of leading educational institutes and employers to develop a futuristic and fit-for-purpose model for accountancy education
  • Information on new and enriching research opportunities geared towards accountancy academicians, researchers and scholars. Find out about prevalent research issues, impacts and opportunities and the role of the Malaysian Accountancy Research and Education Foundation (MAREF) in driving research in the local context, and how to secure a slice of this research funding for your future projects.
  • Sharing on how to help students develop standards of professional scepticism and integrity in making professional judgements. Professional scepticism and integrity are the hallmarks of the accountancy profession and key to building ethics and protecting the public interest.
  • A special session on digital literacy in the flipped classroom – learn how to integrate technology in your teaching to make your programmes more compelling and achieve desired outcomes effectively and efficiently.
  • MIA’s highly popular masterclass on the second day of the convention. The half-day MASTERCLASS: THE MIND OF AN ACCOUNTING LEADER IN THE AGE OF DIGITAL DISRUPTION AND 4TH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION is all about resetting mindsets. The masterclass seeks to encourage accounting educators to think differently and adapt to change instantaneously in order to make a very influential impression on the students of the accountancy profession. After all, change rests in the hands of teachers and leaders.

The National Accounting Educators Convention 2019 will be held from 15-16 October 2019 (Tuesday-Wednesday) at the Connexion Conference & Event Centre @Nexus, Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur. For more information, visit or contact Azie at [email protected]

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