Members who desire anytime, anywhere access to Malaysian Private Entities Reporting Standard (MPERS) guidance can now purchase MIA’s firstever interactive e-book, available through the MIA website and accessible through either apps or the MIA e-library. The e-book is entitled the Interactive E-Book of the MIA Illustrative MPERS Financial Statements, with Commentaries and Guidance Notes (MPERS Interactive E-Book), where MPERS refers to the Malaysian Private Entities Reporting Standard.

The e-book is a digitalised and augmented version of the 2nd edition of the MIA Illustrative MPERS Financial Statements, with Commentaries and Guidance Notes, written by Mr Tan Liong Tong. The original print version was published in 2018 and has been very well received in the market and by members and member firms.

As members make greater use of digital tools for work and daily life, the launch of this e-book is very timely. More than just a digital copy of the original physical book published in 2018 in an A4 size with over 300 pages, the e-book has interactive features such as Informative videos, audio commentaries and quizzes to engage reader’s attention actively and enhance reader’s understanding.

The e-book is readily available on Windows, Android and iOS and as such it can be accessed from laptops, smartphones and tablets anywhere, anytime. In line with MIA’s comprehensive digital initiatives under the MIA Digital Technology Blueprint, this e-book is available as part of our new e-Library which we launched in July 2020. This furthers MIA’s ongoing advocacy to develop the technical and digital competencies of our members, especially SMEs, and to digitalise the profession to ensure its future relevance.

It is hoped that this e-book will benefit and upskill members of the accountancy profession, particularly those entities using MPERs, in these challenging times. MIA will continue to look for opportunities to adapt our services and initiatives to future-proof the profession in a digital economy.

To purchase the e-book and access the e-library, please visit

The steps are as follows:

  1. Please click on this link:
  2. Members can straight away log in to the website. Please use the email address you use to receive notifications from MIA and the corresponding password used to access the MIA Member Services Portal.
  3. Non-members must first register with the website to create an account. Upon registration, you will receive an activation email.
  4. Once your account is activated, you can proceed to purchase the e-book.
  5. To purchase the eBook, please login, click on the MPERS book on the Purchase Catalog, click Buy Now and follow the steps for payment. Once payment is done, you will receive a payment confirmation from MIA.

Watch the launching gambit of the e-book:

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