MFRS and MPERS Common Issues on Investment Property and Property Plant and Equipment

MIA has received various accounting queries on investment property and property, plant and equipment (PPE) through our technical queries facility.

COVID-19 Financial Reporting Issues for Entities Using MPERS

MIA’s first e-book – the Interactive e-Book of the MIA Illustrative *MPERS Financial Statements, with Commentaries and Guidance Notes (MPERS Interactive e-Book) is especially relevant in the light of the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19…

COVID-19 Impact on Audits of Entities Applying MPERS

MIA held a panel discussion on the impact of COVID-19 on MPERS financial reporting during the launch of the *MPERS e-book. Tan Khoon Yeow, Partner, Learning & Development, BDO highlighted some issues that auditors should note

MIA Launches First Interactive E-Book on MPERS

Members who desire anytime, anywhere access to MPERS guidance can now purchase MIA’s first-ever interactive e-book, available through apps and the MIA e-library.

Fair Value Accounting in MPERS

Fair Value Accounting issues and challenges in applying MPERS

The Key to Successful MPERS Compliance

SMEs will greatly benefit from the guidance in the second edition of the MIA Illustrative Malaysian Private Entities Reporting Standards (MPERS) Financial Statements.

Comparison between MPSAS, MPERS and MFRS: Investment Property

In this article, we analyse the accounting treatment for investment property under Malaysian Public Sector Accounting Standard (MPSAS) 16, Malaysian Financial Reporting Standard (MFRS) 140 and Section 16 of Malaysian Private Entities Reporting Standard (MPERS).