In this volatile and uncertain age of “Covidonomics”, it is crucial for Boards to provide a proactive oversight role in supporting the management of an organisation. The methods chosen by Boards must not only be steeped in good governance and corporate compliance practices, but also factor in the elements of sustainability to mitigate the risks and ethical challenges faced by organisations today.

This year, to support Boards in enhancing governance and ethics towards future sustainability, MIA will bring you the Corporate Board Leadership Symposium 2021. With the theme Enhancing Governance and Ethics Towards Future Sustainability, the symposium will provide updates on regulatory developments and best practices for managing crisis and strengthening governance in the age of Covidonomics, including the urgent need to acquire competencies in digital finance transformation and Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG).

The symposium will highlight the following areas:

Key current regulatory updates, crisis management and Board Assessment exercises

Participants can look forward to a comprehensive view of key current regulatory updates that should be prioritised in setting the boardroom agenda over the coming year, and how Boards can enhance their oversight in this challenging Covidonomics environment to mitigate risks. Speakers will also speak on Board Assessments, the advantages of internal vs externally facilitated evaluations and Board Evaluation efficacy and outcomes.

Embracing digital transformation in Board decision-making

With the inevitable adoption of digital finance transformation and a concomitant push for automation, Boards should be prepared to modernise the financial architecture of their organisations. An esteemed panel of experts from various industries will discuss the impact of digital transformation on boardroom decision-making and hence organisational performance.

Transparency, compliance and accountability 

Find out more about Section 17A of the MACC Act, and the policies and procedures that need to be in place in compliance with the Act. The symposium will also focus on the crucial and fundamental need for tax transparency among corporations, and how integrated reporting can help to restore transparency and accountability in corporate disclosure while managing the challenges of corporate reporting in the age of Covidonomics.

The need for sustainability and governance around climate-related risks and opportunities

The demand for non-financial information, including ESG and sustainability reporting, is on the rise as investors seek insights into the impact of social and environmental issues on business models. Our speakers will discuss how to effectively report on climate, assessing sustainable strategies and the role of Boards in addressing climate-related issues.

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