Public Sector Internal Auditors are in the best place to play a special role as agents of change in the volatile and uncertain new normal of post-COVID-19. With their core competencies and ethical codes, Public Sector Internal Auditors are critically needed to support the transformation of state agencies to become more agile and innovative while maintaining the public trust. Their every action
and practice, when paired with ethical, innovative and agile behaviour, act as an example and model which their public service colleagues can emulate.

To ensure their credibility as change agents, Internal Audit must also transform to align with the strategies, objectives and risks of their stakeholders and organisations, as well as the government’s digital agenda. The adoption of existing and emerging technology is key for Internal Audit to generate and deliver valuable data-driven insights, especially now as the business and economic landscape continues to quickly evolve.

This year’s Public Sector Internal Audit Conference seeks to highlight the importance of this journey of innovation that all internal audit functions and practitioners must embark on to elevate organisational and governmental change towards enhancing public trust.

The Conference will provide insights on:

Cultural and Ethical Transformation

Participants can look forward to understanding the current state of public sector internal audit, and the changes needed to emulate best practices in the corporate world, where a properly functioning internal audit system is central to improving effectiveness and accountability.

Enhancing the Role of Auditors and Managing Risks

The Conference will also focus on the current cybersecurity landscape of the public sector, identify common threats and solutions to reduce risk and improve cyber protection. Another facet of the Conference topics will focus on key tools and skills available for auditors to mitigate risks and to be agile and adaptable in all situations. Internal Auditors will find ways to upskill themselves and find out more about the new competencies that need to be developed to manage and succeed in this accelerated, hyper-digitalised environment.

Enhancing the Role of Auditors in a Fast-Evolving Landscape

In addition to integrating design thinking into daily work processes, our panel of speakers will also explore examples of best audit practices that have successfully embraced technology and how local counterparts can adapt to a digitalised environment to transform and enhance the role of auditors as adept data-driven practitioners.

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