XBRL Adoption in Malaysia: A Way Forward for SMPs

Following the adoption of the eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) throughout the world, the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) has taken the initiative to develop the Malaysian Business Reporting System (MBRS).

Accountants as Champions of Climate Change and Sustainability

For many years, the word and term accountants often conjured up the image of a deskbound, suit-wearing employee, calculator on one hand, and sheaves of papers with numbers on the other.

Decisions of the Disciplinary Committee of the MIA

Decisions of the Disciplinary Committee of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (‘Institute’) against members pursuant to Rule 18(1) of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (Disciplinary) Rules 2002

Embracing a People-Centred Profession

A profession cannot thrive without its people.

Stakeholder Capitalism starts with Purpose

Stakeholder capitalism in Malaysia has been given a boost with the introduction of the following paragraph in the revised Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2021 (MCCG 2021).

Fit for the Future

ACCA and MIA are working together to provide a pipeline of qualified accountants in Malaysia. Andrew Balasan Siang recounts his journey towards ACCA membership.

Goods and Services Tax is Not the Reason for Price Increases in Malaysia

Goods and Services Tax (GST) or Value Added Tax (VAT), had been adopted in 170 countries at the beginning of 2020.

Closing the Digital Divide in Southeast Asia

Insights from Roland Berger’s latest study “Bridging the digital divide: Improving digital inclusion in Southeast Asia” show that digital technology has been increasingly embedded in every part of the economy and individuals’ livelihoods.

Why AI is Inseparable from Human Intelligence

Without human minds, there is no AI. Drawing on the power of human intelligence, Yonyou intelligent solutions combine AI technologies with a wide range of enterprise business scenarios to enhance business efficiency and decision-making.

Data Intelligence & Analytics 2.0 Conference for Public Sector: DIGINOMICS – The Dawn of Data Innovation & Excellence

Malaysia has declared its vision to become a digitally driven and connected economy, guided by the Malaysian Digital Economy Blueprint or MyDIGITAL unveiled by the government on 19 February 2021.