Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) today need to harness innovative yet cost-efficient solutions to grow in a highly challenging environment.

The MIA Data Intelligence & Analytics Conference for SMEs will cover the A-Z of data intelligence and analytics for SMEs and the opportunities that will unfold by harnessing smart technologies. Expert speakers will share how economical and efficient cloud-based outsourcing models can be deployed by SMEs to acquire the needed Data Intelligence and Analytics competencies for improved decision-making and business outcomes.

By the end of the Conference, SMEs will have a better idea of the solutions available to take them from low-value data collection and monitoring to real-time data analytics whereby they can extract high-value information and insights to be used by key decision-makers as quickly as possible.

Highlights of this Conference which will be held from 20 – 21 July 2022 include:

TOP TRENDS INFLUENCING SMEs IN DATA ANALYTICS FOR 2022 – 2023 – Stay on top of trends shaping the data analytics market for SMEs in 2022-2023, plus learn how to overcome the last mile challenges to adopt technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and automation.

DRIVING BUSINESS COST REDUCTION & PROFITABILITY THROUGH DATA ANALYTICS – Learn how to leverage on large business datasets to mine actionable insights that can help SMEs to improve ROI, cost reduction, and profitability outcomes. The panel will discuss the benefits of:

HOW SMEs CAN OPTIMISE RESOURCES BY BUILDING AI & DATA-DRIVEN CULTURE THROUGH A COST-EFFICIENT MODEL – Technology transformation will fail without a shared purpose and business culture that can adapt to new methods. Get practical tips and insights on transforming business culture and adopting a low-cost outsourcing model for data analytics to generate improved outcomes.

ENHANCING SMEs’ BRAND EQUITY THROUGH DIGITAL CONSUMER EXPERIENCE (DCX) – Find out how to adopt a low-cost external model to effectively analyse DCX data that can be used to optimise your digital customer experience. Enhancing DCX can help SMEs drive customer acquisition, securely share data with future customers, and enhance SME brand equity value.

BUILDING AN EFFECTIVE DATA AND ANALYTICS CLOUD OPERATING MODEL – See how SMEs can evolve towards adopting a cloud-based and cost-efficient analytics services operating model based on flexible consumption. Outsourcing to cloud services vendors can enable SMEs to:

SAFEGUARDING SMEs’ REPUTATION & BUSINESS SUSTAINABILITY—EVERYTHING ABOUT CYBERSECURITY – Cybersecurity breaches are highly damaging and costly, and becoming more rampant. This session shares the latest cybersecurity strategies and tips for SMEs. Outsourcing through a managed service provider based on business needs and operating model is typically the best route for SMEs to access best-in-class yet economical cybersecurity services.

SMEs AND THE FUTURE OF WORK – Looks into how SMEs can effectively and efficiently upskill existing employees with the right knowledge, tools and technology to enhance productivity. Bonus: get a glimpse into remote talent outsourcing to improve operating expenses, productivity and the performance of the SME finance function.

INTRODUCTION TO DARK DATA & AVENUES FOR SME PROFIT GROWTH – Dark data is unstructured data that is acquired through various computer network operations but not used for deriving insights or decision-making. This session looks into how SMEs can identify and unlock the value of dark data through the use of the right data analytics tools and methodology for dark data management, such as:

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