Decisions of the Disciplinary Committee of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (‘Institute’) against members pursuant to Rule 18(1) of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (Disciplinary) Rules 2002.

Chong Loong Choy (3042) as the auditor of Kuantan Flour Mills Berhad (‘KFMB’) for the financial year ended 30/9/2017 had been suspended for 1 month effective 15/5/2023, imposed a fine of RM5000-00, costs of RM5000-00 and attend a course of instruction relevant to the International Standards on Auditing (‘ISA’) by the Disciplinary Committee of the Institute on 4/4/2023 for failing to comply with the requirement of ISA 570 – Going Concern, during his audit of the financial statements of KFMB for the said financial year which led to an inappropriate audit opinion in breach of ISA 570 being issued. 

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