Accountants – Enablers of Sustainability

As the call for sustainability adoption gains momentum, the global profession too has stepped to the forefront in calling for action on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues threatening fragile ecosystems and populations. 

MFRS and MPERS Common Issues on Investment Property and Property Plant and Equipment

MIA has received various accounting queries on investment property and property, plant and equipment (PPE) through our technical queries facility.

Audit Committees: Catalysts of Change

The business landscape today is becoming vastly more uncertain, volatile and complex.

Decisions of the Disciplinary Committee of the MIA

Decisions of the Disciplinary Committee of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (‘Institute’) against members pursuant to Rule 18(1) of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (Disciplinary) Rules 2002

MIA Sustainability, Digital Economy & Reporting Insights (April – June 2023)

The MIA Sustainability, Digital Economy & Reporting Insights provides quarterly updates on the areas of sustainability, digital economy, tax and reporting.

Doubling Your Tax Benefits with Double Deductions in Malaysia 

As a measure to encourage companies engaged in targeted business activities, the Malaysian government has introduced various tax incentives, including tax incentives…

Financial Reporting Disclosures: Statement of Cash Flows

In the current uncertain and volatile economic environment, some entities face a downturn in their business, and this hence impacts their profit and liquidity position.

Data Intelligence and Analytics Conference for Public Sector 2023: Data Innovation for Service Excellence

The Government is a large organisation and among its many purposes are to provide public goods and services and represent the interests of the people.

Malaysia far from 2030 target of 60,000 accounting professionals

TALK of a shortage of accountants in the country is rife, with practitioners citing mounting regulatory pressures as a major pain point for accounting professionals, in addition to recruitment issues and talent importation exacerbating the dilemma.

ISA 600 (Revised) – Special Considerations: Audits of Group Financial Statements [Including the Work of Component Auditors](Republished)

The International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board (IAASB) had, through the issuance of the Invitation to Comment (ITC) Paper, Enhancing Audit Quality in the Public Interest: A Focus on Professional Skepticism…