Cryptocurrency and Uncertainty

In April 2020, we launched a research project that explores the risks and governance challenges of the market for cryptocurrencies.

Persons Unknown: Asset Recovery against Unknown Fraudsters in a Time of Cyber Fraud

Imagine the following scenario. Your accounts staff had been communicating with a long-standing supplier. One day, the supplier sends an email stating that payment should now be made into a different bank account. Your company carries out some checks and in the end, makes the payment.

Cyber Forensics & Big Data – improving CYBERSECURITY

How can accountants use cyber forensics and big data to enhance cybersecurity?

FBI – Fighting Terrorism In KL

David C Smith, FBI Supervisory Special Agent and Legal Attaché tells how Uncle Sam battles financial crimes and terrorism financing in the ASEAN region.

Accountants Must Fight Corruption

Accountants are in a powerful position because they can decide what should be included or excluded when it comes to financial matters; bad hats can “cook the books” and manipulate financial statements. While this may be legal in some cases, that does not make it right.

5 Simple Ways To Protect Your Organisation From Cybercrime

How can you erect cybersecurity defence on a small budget?