Driving Tax Compliance

Make no mistake; governance, controls and compliance are becoming more stringent globally, making it more difficult to avoid paying tax regardless of which jurisdiction a business may be operating in.

Creating a Business-Friendly Tax Ecosystem

Creating a business-friendly tax ecosystem will greatly benefit commerce and the country in general but what exactly does it entail?

Restructuring Under the Companies Act 2016

Which of the three different modes of restructuring are suited to insolvent organisations?

Reforming the Malaysian Tax Legislation

What tax reforms can we expect the Tax Reform Committee to propose?

Asset Tracing and Forensic Methods

Applying technology can help trace assets using forensic methods, to further streamline the insolvency process and ascertain the true value of the firm, concluded experts at the recent MIA Insolvency Conference 2018.

Tech-ing Accountancy Education to the Next Level

Accountancy educators should harness technology to future-proof their students.

SST Updates & Insights

At the 2019 Budget Seminar, Amirulita Mohd Yusoff, Deputy Director of Customs, Internal Tax Division, Royal Malaysian Customs Department, covered the latest developments on SST Legislation and Guides.

Tan Sri Ambrin Buang – Cleaning Up Procurement

The new Chairman of the Special Committee on Procurement, Governance and Finance is tasked with investigating and improving government processes, particularly procurement and administrative procedures.

Accountable to the Nation

Public Sector Internal Auditors can do a better job in combating corruption and wastage to protect the public interest, said Dr. Radzi Jidin, Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs at the recent MIA Public Sector Internal Audit Conference 2018.

Managing your Tech Risks – with Tech

Even as firms increasingly use technology to manage their risks, these very same technologies are spawning new risks that must be effectively managed.