Accountants: First Line of Defence in Curbing Money Laundering

What are accountants’ reporting obligations under AMLATFPUAA 2001?

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) – An Essential Process to Improve Audit Quality?

Audit practitioners must identify the root causes impairing audit quality to ensure the success of their Remedial Action Plan (RAP) under the new Practice Review Framework.

Tan Sri Ambrin Buang – Cleaning Up Procurement

The new Chairman of the Special Committee on Procurement, Governance and Finance is tasked with investigating and improving government processes, particularly procurement and administrative procedures.

Future Proofing the CFO

MIA’s Competency Framework for CFOs in Public Interest Entities (PIEs) seeks to bridge competency and expectation gaps.

The Contribution of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) toward Accrual Accounting Implementation in Malaysia

Supporting Malaysia’s Accrual Accounting Shift.

Optimising the DNA of Boards

What should women accountants do to get on Boards ?

Accountable to the Nation

Public Sector Internal Auditors can do a better job in combating corruption and wastage to protect the public interest, said Dr. Radzi Jidin, Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs at the recent MIA Public Sector Internal Audit Conference 2018.

MIA Publishes 2018 Integrated Report

MIA’s Integrated Report 2018 tells MIA’s ongoing story of regulating and developing the accountancy profession to support nation-building.

Fair Value Accounting in MPERS

Fair Value Accounting issues and challenges in applying MPERS

Riding the Digital Wave, Leading Transformation

Robo-dancing, and other highlights from the MIA International Accountants Conference 2018.