Sustainability Reporting in Malaysia

This article assesses the current state of play in the sustainability reporting space worldwide and in Malaysia, and identifies the roles that accountants can play in expediting adoption.

ESG Series for Accountants & Finance Professionals 2022

Sustainability today is a tremendous priority for businesses as concerns such as the climate emergency and widening global social inequality affect the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit/prosperity.

Risk Management Conference 2021: Navigating Challenges in Unprecedented Times

As the world’s economies continue to grapple with the economic aftereffects of COVID-19, organisations too face unprecedented tumult and uncertainty.

Public Sector Internal Audit Conference 2020: Meeting Rising Expectations in Internal Audit

Internal auditors face a lot of pressure to implement robust controls and manage risks as they are a central pillar of governance in organisations.

Corporate Board Leadership Symposium 2020 – Sustainability and Digitalisation – A New Normal

In today’s landscape of widespread risks and black swans, boards need to be ready for anything and everything.