By Yonyou Malaysia Team

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence (AI), people may think of “AlphaGo”, a robot that defeated the European Go Champion Fan Hui.

However, if we have a deep understanding of AI and the technology behind it, we will understand that AI is under the control of humans and constantly learning. For machines to be able to replace humans and to do things for humans, stems from the artificial intelligence technology behind them!

“According to the technology behind artificial intelligence and its rules, artificial intelligence that embodies the intelligent part (of technology) is inseparable from humans,” said Qi Sa, Yonyou Financial Product Manager when demonstrating how to empower enterprise management through Yonyou Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

In Artificial Intelligence, “Artificial” and “Intelligence” are Inseparable

In some advanced cities, people can use facial recognition to enter the train station, to clock in at work, and to pay in supermarkets. They can also use speech-to-text functions, optical character recognition (OCR), and other tools to make life easier. These are all artificial intelligence technologies.

Despite the existence and acceleration of AI technologies, there are still things that machines cannot do on their own. Looking at AlphaGo, we will find that it is not just technology, but the team behind AlphaGo that defeated the European Go champion. Other than the neural network algorithm, it is the team that created the chess game model and the prediction model. Without this team, no matter how good the algorithm and how powerful the computing power, it would be impossible to defeat human beings.

Based on this, we can see that in current artificial intelligence, the artificial is inseparable from intelligence. The artificial includes the design, development, and training of application models. In order to get a useful artificial intelligence result, one needs to invest a lot in research and development. Even so, the result that can be achieved is only a probability.

Application of Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise Business Scenarios

While AI was hailed as a gamechanger, it was also found to have flaws such as ambiguity because it simulates humans and humans are inaccurate. In addition, the most important element in AI is the mathematical models and algorithms.

Today, artificial intelligence technologies are commonly utilised in business scenarios.

However, the complexity of the business scenario of enterprise management is much higher than that of playing chess. It involves many steps, complex rules, and many users. In the application scenario of enterprise management intelligence, a solution would combine technology and scenarios and invest in feasible resources. For example, RPA robots are mainly processing automation to replace manual business, including automatic reconciliation, automatic payables and receivables settlement, automatic apportionment, etc., and they also use image recognition technology to process invoice recognition and verification.

Yonyou blends the power of AI, robotics, machine learning and human talent to concoct intelligent solutions for business. In the future, through Yonyou’s intelligent solutions, a variety of AI technologies will be applied in combination with a wide range of business scenarios of the enterprise to enhance user experience, improve business efficiency and business insights, and assist enterprise decision-making.

This article is part of a knowledge sharing series under the MIA Digital Technology Blueprint, which can be accessed here

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