Corporate Board Leadership Symposium 2022: Mastering Governance in the Era of ESG

When analysing environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, the “Governance” aspect is often overlooked as climate risk, societal implications, and other “Environmental” and “Social” matters take priority.

Audit Committee Conference 2022: Beyond Effectiveness: Governance, Sustainability and Agility

Good governance is becoming an increasingly important priority as organisations contend with higher enterprise risks and expectations for reporting transparency, driven by sustainability, climate change and COVID-19 concerns.

Indirect Tax Conference: Voluntary Disclosure and Amnesty (VA) Programme and Impact on Risk Management for Businesses

As the regulator and developer of the accountancy profession, MIA emphasises strongly on tax governance, tax compliance and “paying the right tax” to support sustainable nation building.

Transfer Pricing Conference 2022

Ensure Greater Compliance with Transfer Pricing Regulations.

Higher Education Strategic Financial Management Conference 2022

Educational institutions today must upskill in financial management to ensure their long-term business sustainability and survival. Like other sectors, their financial and cash flow challenges have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 crisis.

MIA Digital Month 2022

MIA has designated the month of March 2022 as the MIA Digital Month, signalling that digital transformation is imperative for the profession.

Ethics, Integrity & Trust Conference 2022

A strong organisational culture built on ethics, integrity and trust has been proven to be vital to long-term sustainability and success.

Leading ESG, Charting Sustainability

Sustainability risks are the main threats to business and life today and in the future, and they’re increasing in intensity and impact.

ESG Series for Accountants & Finance Professionals 2022

Sustainability today is a tremendous priority for businesses as concerns such as the climate emergency and widening global social inequality affect the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit/prosperity.

CFO Conference 2021: Driving Transformation, Accelerating Performance

Backed by their financial and strategic expertise, CFOs are key leaders who will help drive their organisation’s transformation and performance in the post-pandemic and digital economy.