Infuse Intelligence into Your Accounting

As your company continues to grow, your financial data is bound to become more complex.

SMEs and Enterprises – Mining the Value in Your Data

Business today is inundated by data, referred to as the new oil. But how can SMEs and smaller enterprises mine and harness this data to make laser-focused decisions and improve performance?

Asset Tracing and Forensic Methods

Applying technology can help trace assets using forensic methods, to further streamline the insolvency process and ascertain the true value of the firm, concluded experts at the recent MIA Insolvency Conference 2018.

Rachel Grimes: Know Your ABCD

‘ABCD is going to form the foundation of everything we do as accountants,’ says the International Federation of Accountants President.

Where is the Next Big Risk?

Understand the biggest and newest risks and how to manage them at the MIA Risk Management Conference 2018.