MIA Digital Economy and Reporting Insights (October – December 2022)

The MIA Digital Economy and Reporting Insights provides quarterly updates on the key areas of digital economy, tax and reporting.

Public Sector Internal Audit Conference 2022: Accountability, Equity, and Integrity (Physical Conference)

Greater transparency and accountability in the public sector are becoming increasingly important in carrying out the public sector agenda. 

Key Steps to Manage Cybersecurity Threats

Organisations need to put a technology risk management strategy in place to withstand cyber-attacks that are growing in sophistication.

Rachel Grimes: Know Your ABCD

‘ABCD is going to form the foundation of everything we do as accountants,’ says the International Federation of Accountants President.

Combating Cyber Risks: What the Audit Committee Needs to Know

Sanjay Sidhu, Governor, IIA Malaysia, briefs the Board Audit Committee on the checklist of key steps to take to beef up cyber defences.

Cyber Forensics & Big Data – improving CYBERSECURITY

How can accountants use cyber forensics and big data to enhance cybersecurity?

5 Simple Ways To Protect Your Organisation From Cybercrime

How can you erect cybersecurity defence on a small budget?

Transforming Public Sector Finance

New Accountant General of Malaysia Datuk Saat Esa shares his views on the strategy and direction of the AG’s Department going forward.