Islamic Finance Showcases Opportunities to Achieve SDGs

With its deep-rooted commitment to the public good, Islamic Finance is ideally positioned to play a vital role in the global sustainability movement.

Why Professional Accountants will Save the World

As the global voice of the accountancy profession, the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) has 180 members representing more than three million professional accountants in over 135 countries.

Facilitating SDGs with Islamic Finance (Part 1) Malaysia’s Leadership in Sukuk

In its “call to action”, published in August 2022, IFAC asked professional accountancy organizations (PAOs) and stakeholders to identify how Islamic financial instruments have been used to advance Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Taming the Technology Tiger: A Beginner’s Guide for SMPs (Part 1)

With the launch of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants’ (MIA) Digital Technology Blueprint in 2018, MIA has since been advocating firms, especially SMPs, to invest in technology as part of the strategic business transformation agenda of the profession.

Ethics, Technology, and the Professional Accountant in the Digital Age

Change is here—and more is coming—for the accountancy profession. New technologies are driving that change.

Accountants, It’s Time to Take the Driver’s Seat to Mitigate Climate Change

As the impacts of climate change accelerate, treating climate as a systemic risk means that climate policy has to influence change in the system. Carbon pricing mechanisms are therefore a necessity (although not a panacea) as price ultimately changes behaviour and choices.