Earnings Stripping Rules – Pros and Cons

The proposed ESR will curb businesses, especially multinationals, from using interest deductions to pare down domestic tax.

Tony Ng: First-hand Quality Assessment Programme (QAP) Review

What is it like to participate in the MIA-MICPA Quality Assessment Programme (QAP)? Tony Ng, one of the earliest QAP participants, shares his insights.

Cyber Forensics & Big Data – improving CYBERSECURITY

How can accountants use cyber forensics and big data to enhance cybersecurity?

Protect Your Company From Fraud

How should organisations respond to red flags?

Are You Ready for MFRS 15?

How should companies go about applying MFRS 15 Revenue from contracts with customers?

Impacts of MFRS 9 Financial Instruments

What do companies need to know about MFRS 9 Financial Instruments?

The Future of Financial Reporting

Over the next few years, the landscape of financial reporting will be changing indelibly as new and revised standards are rolled out to paint a more accurate portrait of business entities and activities that are becoming increasingly complex, especially in the digital economy.

Java Golf Club – A Payroll Fraud Case Study

Richard Robert Batten, Forensic Technical Adviser, Deloitte SEA, Thailand and Mekong Region, analysed the case of the Java Golf Club Inc, which involved payroll fraud, at the recent MIA Forensic & Fraud Investigation Conference 2018.

How To Prove Fraud Happened

Proving a fraud case all boils down to the evidence, says the Chairperson of the CSI World Headquarters.