CFO ASEAN Leadership Journey

The CFO Leadership Journey Asia, a programme supported by MIA, is specially tailored to hone leadership skills and heighten career development for senior finance leaders in Asia.

Upholding Public Trust and Confidence

Professional accountants are the core building blocks of the nation, playing a critical role in the business ecosystem, whether in their capacity as professional accountants in business, assurance providers or consultants.

MIA Mini Pupillage: Developing the Next Generation of Islamic Finance Talent

Through its Mini Pupillage Programme, MIA aims to nurture a talent pool of accountants  well-versed in Islamic finance, to take this  high-octane industry to the next level.

Java Golf Club – A Payroll Fraud Case Study

Richard Robert Batten, Forensic Technical Adviser, Deloitte SEA, Thailand and Mekong Region, analysed the case of the Java Golf Club Inc, which involved payroll fraud, at the recent MIA Forensic & Fraud Investigation Conference 2018.

How To Prove Fraud Happened

Proving a fraud case all boils down to the evidence, says the Chairperson of the CSI World Headquarters.

Enhanced Auditors’ Report – Driving Better Governance

One year on, the new requirements for the Enhanced Auditors’ Report (EAR) have tangibly improved engagement, communications and corporate governance, according to a joint study by the AOB, MIA and ACCA. Now, where do we go from here?

IR – Gaining Momentum

What’s the latest on the integrated reporting front? And how can preparers produce a better IR that is more useful to investors and stakeholders?

HIGHLIGHTS: Recent Tax Cases

Irene Yong, Partner, Tax and Revenue Practice Group, Shearn Delamore & Co, covered ten cases in her critical review of recent tax cases and tax developments at the 2018 MIA Budget Seminar. Below, we round up some of the key takeaways.

Financial Reporting Disclosures Communicating what matters

The Financial Statements Review Committee highlights common deficiencies arising from the review of financial statements of public-listed entities for the period from July 2016 to June 2017.