Earnings Stripping Rules – Pros and Cons

The proposed ESR will curb businesses, especially multinationals, from using interest deductions to pare down domestic tax.

Property Developers: Transitioning from GST to SST

How will GST changes and the eventual reversion to SST affect the multi-billion ringgit property development and construction sectors?

Re-examining Transfer Pricing Documentation

The Inland revenue board malaysia (IRBM) announced new updates to the Transfer Pricing Guidelines 2012, effective from 15 July 2017, which introduced changes to the chapters on Arm’s Length Principle, Intangibles, Commodity Transactions and Documentation. We check out the impacts.

Transfer Pricing Updates

What You Need to Know about the Malaysian Updates to Transfer Pricing Guidelines incorporating the BEPS Action Plans 8 to 10.

Cyber Forensics & Big Data – improving CYBERSECURITY

How can accountants use cyber forensics and big data to enhance cybersecurity?

Comparison between MPSAS, MPERS and MFRS: Investment Property

In this article, we analyse the accounting treatment for investment property under Malaysian Public Sector Accounting Standard (MPSAS) 16, Malaysian Financial Reporting Standard (MFRS) 140 and Section 16 of Malaysian Private Entities Reporting Standard (MPERS).