Accountants – Enablers of Sustainability

As the call for sustainability adoption gains momentum, the global profession too has stepped to the forefront in calling for action on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues threatening fragile ecosystems and populations. 

Considering ESG in Business Valuation

With the proliferation of sustainable and responsible investing (SRI) in recent years, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) considerations and factors have become one of the central tenets of investment…

Leading ESG, Charting Sustainability

Sustainability risks are the main threats to business and life today and in the future, and they’re increasing in intensity and impact.

ESG Series for Accountants & Finance Professionals 2022

Sustainability today is a tremendous priority for businesses as concerns such as the climate emergency and widening global social inequality affect the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit/prosperity.

CFO Conference 2021: Driving Transformation, Accelerating Performance

Backed by their financial and strategic expertise, CFOs are key leaders who will help drive their organisation’s transformation and performance in the post-pandemic and digital economy.

2022 Budget to Catalyse More Inclusive and Sustainable Nation Building in The COVID-19 New Normal

The Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) welcomes the inclusivity and sustainability themes of the 2022 Budget which are aligned with the global momentum of ESG (environment, social and governance) and the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Islamic Finance: Latest Developments and Drivers for Growth in a Post-Pandemic World

Guided by Islamic values that are aligned with ESG (environmental, social and governance) concerns and the people-first ethos of Islamic finance…

Accountants as Champions of Climate Change and Sustainability

For many years, the word and term accountants often conjured up the image of a deskbound, suit-wearing employee, calculator on one hand, and sheaves of papers with numbers on the other.